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Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment is a group of magnificently mischievous nerdfolk produced and organized by the founder, Aniyah Lyszt. Aniyah has always adored performance art and all things related to the personal aesthetic, which continues to drive her love of cosplay, character impersonation, and more, and it drove her to earn what she refers to as 'my useless degree in Theatre', as she never fully pursued a career in costuming, having felt jaded by the unions run on seniority over ability.


Instead, she did a 180 and went into adult retail, having had an appreciation for the Kink and BDSM lifestyle. She began learning everything she could about human sexuality, the adult toy industry, and the stigma surrounding such topics. She aspires to be a career sexologist and educator someday, but for now educating audiences at conventions will simply have to do!

Her love of raunchy, dark humour and drive to inform the public about their sexuality is her daily motivator which still continues to drive her to create content that she can not only entertain with, but also provide education that people wanted to listen to and actively participate in, whether it was content for adults or all ages. 


As a group, Aniyah's nerdy ne'er do wells joined forces to create one of the greatest live programming troupes on the East Coast convention circuit! A rotating cast of seasoned panelists, live performers, costume-makers and con staff pooled their talents and experience from years of convention attendance to bring you high quality content that's sure to leave any audience wanting more! Whether your tastes are debaucherous and deviant, low key or somewhere in between, we have something to tickle your fancy.

PNE has been known to collaborate with their fellow deviants of groups such as Tophats N Frills Cosplay, Shamelessly Yours, The Manly Battleships, Big Bucks Entertainment and more! Please give their pages a gander and a follow!

              Aniyah Lyszt: 
    The Exhibitchionist
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